Why Choose Us

Save Money
Buffington offers free Site Selection and Construction Feasibility before you buy the land. This allows you to identify any potential costly issues before it’s too late. Buffington also utilizes the Design-Build method to give you the best building materials and design, while remaining budget-conscious.

Customer Satisfaction
Buffington Construction strives to complete projects that instill 100% customer satisfaction both during the project and after it’s complete. Our best advertisement is satisfied customers with a beautiful finished project.
Owner Managed
The owner of Buffington Construction, Brian Lambert, will personally oversee your project. He understands that any building project, no matter how large or small, is important to you and will manage your project like it was his own.

Timely Completion
Our Design-Build process and Owner management allows us to closely manage your project to ensure it is completed on time and on budget with quality workmanship.
Responsive Communications
Our team will be in constant communication with you during your construction project, keeping you informed of any changes or delays due to weather or supplies. You’ll always be ‘in the know’ about your project’s details.

Superior Subcontractor Relationships
Buffington Construction only work with the very best subcontractors. We have long standing relationships with experienced, talented and reliable craftsmen to bring the finest construction solutions to your project.

Our Projects

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